Keeping It Simple! is touching the hearts and minds of readers of all ages.  Here’s what they have to say:

Keeping It Simple is helping a young 70 year old to learn new things, especially about angels.  This book is opening my eyes to so many things.  Thank you for sharing your stories.” ~ Linda D.

“Thanks, Jayne. I am listening to my angels.” ~ Rachel K.

“There is a down to earth, everydayness to the writing of Keeping It Simple that allows the reader to make a direct connection. The beauty of this book is that it is not professorial or theological.  It is like having a dialogue with the author.  It is easy to sit down with it and read it comfortably.” ~ Bill C.(70’s)

“Each chapter of Keeping It Simple flows together, however, each chapter individually provides something to learn and has its’ own meaning through the stories they contain.  I find myself deep-thinking, at times.” ~ Greg V.

“Jayne’s book is very inspirational.  I leave it on my night stand and read it nightly.” ~ Cindy, Whole Foods

“I have seen how Jayne’s book has come to life.  I have been clearer and more specific when making my nightly intentions and I have gotten results!  Thank you, Jayne.” ~  Kim G.

“Most of us have ups & downs that come along but you make us see that we are not alone in the process of healing both mentally and physically.” ~  Mary Lou C.

Keeping It Simple motivates me.  I keep it by my side.” ~ Carla F.

“The book is beautiful…I love its’ message.” ~ Anna  Maria A.

“It’s as if Jayne is speaking directly to me.  It is amazing!” ~ Carla M.


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