God is in the Goldfish Crackers

Some people call it fate.  Others say it is just a coincidence.  To me, nothing happens by chance.  Everything happens for a reason and occurs as of a result of divine timing.  I call them GOD-cidences; a series of events that lead to a moment.  Sometimes these moments are grand, life changing and pivotal moments in our lives.  Other times, they are small but still speak volumes to how you receive what you need when you need it .

For weeks my son wanted ranch flavored Goldfish crackers.  We found them once(I forget where) and could not find them again.  I checked every grocery store, convenience store and ‘big” box store trying to find them with no luck.  I finally told him that I would have to check the Pepperidge Farm store when I had a chance.  Every time I said I was going to take a ride, I never made it. Something else would get in my way to get there. Until this week.  I had several  errands and business to conduct in the area of the Pepperidge Farm store so I made it a point to stop in.  When I walked in, there they were; an aisle filled with ranch flavored Goldfish crackers.  AND they were on sale, too!!  When I said to the girl working behind the counter that I had been looking for them all over the place, she proceeded to tell me that they had been out for weeks and had just gotten them in.  Of course they just got them in.  Why would they have arrived any sooner? They wouldn’t have been there if I had gone any sooner and my trip would have been for nothing.

So the next time you are disappointed, frustrated or upset that something didn’t go according to your plan, remember, everything is happening in perfect and divine order.  It is just an event leading you to the right moment.


Angels in Action

We all have something that causes us to feel vulnerable and insecure no matter how hard we try to be confident and sure of ourselves.  For me, that something is clothes shopping.  This activity triggers in me the old stories and memories I have of myself, and the ones that were told to me at one time or another.   When I stand in front of the mirror in the dressing room and see how I look today, I can’t help and see the women starring back at me in the mirror a totally different way.  The one I see looks like the one of 8 yrs ago when I was 40 lbs heavier.  And the thoughts and emotions related to that image are  entirely different.   So, as I enter stores and attempt to pick out clothes, I hear the self-defeating thoughts of  “that won’t work, or I could never wear anything like that.”   This is truly that one area where I have to WORK the hardest at applying all the principles I write about to fight against the  useless nonsense that tries to tell me that nothing out there in the fashion world will work for me.

So yesterday, when I decided to set off to Macy’s at the Providence Place Mall to look for a few outfits I needed for an upcoming photo shoot and book events I have planned, I left with a plan.  I was going to ask for help and  set an intention; things I write about and know how to do, but had never applied to this activity in my life.  A revelation.  I set an intention of success and confidence and knew that I needed to ask someone in the store to help me shop.   I asked my angels to guide me to the person that would best be able to help me  find the clothes I was looking for.  And as soon as I walked through the door, I met angel #1; Heidi.   She greeted me and welcomed me to Macy’s with a huge smile.  (She became my ROCK.)  She then introduced me to Nelly, angel #2,  and the two of them swooped in to action, picked things out for me and stayed with me for 2 hours.  We connected immediately and their vote of confidence in me helped to boost confidence within myself.  Nelly was my ‘angel’ behind the scenes, scouring the entire department to find me ‘just the right thing.’  She sought the help of Shaynna, who became angel #3.  Shaynna, who seemed to come out of nowhere,  got caught up in the emotion and wanted to be part of the action.  These 3 amazing women  fashioned me up with sincerity, enthusiasm, honesty and genuine care and interest.

This blog is to not only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna but to tell anyone who reads this to remember that they are more powerful and have a stronger will than any emotion that is trying to hold them back.  Because of their unconditional willingness to want to help me, I will never face shopping with those old emotions again.  Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna helped me re-gain confidence in myself and feel good about myself in a way I never knew before.  I can’t say I can recall when I felt this good about my body image and style.  They made shopping fun and this shopping experience was the best I have ever had.  I want to shop with this same feeling from this point forward.  (It will just be hard not being able to do it with my new ‘fashion entourage’ all the time.)

But now I know I can because of them.  They helped me define my style and rewrite the story I had written for myself.   Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna will remain close to my heart for they are special to me and gave me such a gift, not only of of their time and talent, but of their heart, too.  We all need to remember to be more like Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna and help others and offer of ourselves to others the gifts and talents we share.  I thank them for sharing their gifts with me and I intend to pay it forward.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Taking care of our bodies….all four of them!

Most of us tend to think all we need to do to maintain good health is eat and drink healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. This type of one-dimensional thinking is common since what we see in the mirror each day is our physical body and the physical toll the choices we are making, or not making, are taking on us physically.  However, our body is multi-dimensional and consists of more than just our physical body.  Our ‘whole’ body is made up of not only our physical body but our spiritual body, our emotional body and our mental body, as well, and the health and well-being of all these bodies requires more than a single choice as to what we eat or drink. Our thought patterns, our spoken and unspoken words, our feelings and actions equally impact and have an effect on the health of all four of these bodies.

Like a car, we don’t often stop to think of how we run and function day-to-day.  Most of us jump in our car, never giving a second thought as to how or what it needs to keep running. We take our body for granted in that same way.  We are not always consciously aware of just what we do on daily basis that can keep us from feeling in balance and in overall good health.  How efficiently and how effectively our body performs depends on the ‘fuel’ we choose to put into it, similar to our cars. In my book Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life, I speak to this in a chapter titled Our Bodies.  In this chapter I discuss the concept of embracing the thought of our body beyond just the physical. By looking at ourselves as a whole and acknowledging that these other three bodies exist within our physical body, we move closer to having a better understanding of how we are built and what it takes to keep us in balance within our physical body.

The Physical Body

Our physical body is just that.  It is our house. Internally, it is home to the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well as the outer shell of our physical attributes that others see on the outside. Taking care of our exterior physical body by eating healthy, exercising and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the ways we can make our physical body stronger and help to maintain the condition of our physical body. Taking care of the other three bodies also contributes to the wellness of the physical body, too.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body dwells within the physical body in our soul. Our spiritual body, or spirit, seeks our authenticity by being true to ourselves. We also need to be socially conscious and become aware that we are all connected. When we recognize and remember that we are all one, connected to each other by the same love and light that created us, our spiritual body feels satisfied. Honoring the source from which we came brings healing and good health to the spiritual body.

The Emotional Body

Our true feelings are held within our emotional body. We may not always acknowledge or express our true feelings in all situations and as result this impacts the overall health of our emotional body. The emotional body needs the truth, from us and from others. Honesty and integrity within our personal relationships is key to maintaining its’ well-being. Through the choices we make in our words and in our actions to speak our truth we are directly impacting our emotional body.

Mental Body

This is where we store all our thoughts, both conscious and sub-conscious. Dr. Wayne Dyer says it best, “If we allow our minds to marinate in the pollution of negative thoughts and ideas, then those negative thoughts and ideas become our reality.” We need to become more consciously aware of everything we see, hear and think within our own reality. Our thoughts come from our experiences, past and present, as well as external sources, such as what we hear on the radio and see and hear on our television. We must learn to filter out those negative thoughts and maintain a steady stream of positive thoughts so we can keep our mental body working at its peak performance.

We are in charge of what we fuel we choose for ourselves when it comes to the care of our complete body.  It takes a combination of maintenance, prevention and repair of our thoughts, words and actions as well as what we are doing physically. Everyday we must make a conscious decision to change something about how we are taking care of our whole body, even if it is one aspect.  With proper treatment and nurturing of our four bodies, we can achieve the balance our body needs and move close to improving our overall health.

To learn more you can read my book,  KeepingIt Simple! and implement the other keys that help you to un-complicate your life.  It is available on my website, www.jaynederouin.com or at www.Amazon.com.

Love Undefined

We typically associate love with romance like the love between a husband and wife or intimate partners. We think of love as something that grows over time.  Love, however, is also a feeling that can be felt instantly.  It takes on many different faces and is not only a romantic feeling.  I felt love and saw the face of love the other day in a total stranger.

Her name is Karen.  She works at one of the branches of my city library.  She had a big smile and a big heart, both could light up a room.  I knew she had a big heart not because of the patriotic heart embroidered on the sweater she was wearing, but by her actions. My husband and I were in a meeting room when the door opened.  Karen did not see us in there but we saw her and something compelled us to go over to her.  We said hello, explained why we were there and before we knew it we were sharing our stories with each other and made a true connection. We had no other purpose for being there other than to look at this meeting room for an upcoming event when suddenly our conversation shifted.  David mentioned that we were interested in knowing how to make a book donation.  Without hesitation, Karen offered to introduce us to the librarian who could help us.  Karen introduced us and we talked with her and made arrangements to drop off our books.  Something then made me ask if she was the same person who could help us if we wanted to plan a book signing/Meet the Author event.  She said, “No, but Karen could lead you to the person who could help you with that.”  Karen led us to an office but the door to the office was closed. Karen asked us to wait a few minutes while she went in to see if this other woman was there.   When Karen came back out, she escorted us to the office of the Asst. Library Director who gladly and warmly invited us into her office.  I turned to Karen to say thank you and reached out to hug her.  She allowed me to embrace her and I said, “Thank you for opening the door.”  She responded, “Literally and figuratively.”  And when we sat down with the Asst. Library Director, she thought we had known Karen for along time and had not seen each other in a while based on the way Karen spoke of us to her.

This experience made me recognize that love is undefined.  We can’t define love just one way or contain it to a ‘holiday’ devoted to lovers.  Love is what was shared in the library that day between a group of strangers who were just trying to help each other.  It made me realize that we can feel love in almost any situation with anyone when we lead with our heart.  If you can’t see a person’s heart or feel their love, you might want to look for it on their sweater.

The Balance of Simplicity

I had the great privilege to write an article for the RI edition of Natural Awakenings that is featured on page 26 of the February 2011 issue that is now on news stands around the state.  I am sharing the article here for those of you outside this great state who are unable to pick up a hard copy.  You can also click here to view the article on page 26 of the virtual edition.  I hope you like it.

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” He was a man with a tremendous mind for science but was able to find a way to balance what was very complicated work through the simple way he approached his life. He was led by the ideals of truth, goodness and beauty not by the ‘contemptible ordinary objects,’ as he described, of luxury, property and outward success. Those would have seemed empty, in his opinion. For a man more widely known and remembered for his Theory of Relativity, could he be on to something with this lesser known theory? It is fascinating to discover we share a common belief that keeping it simple is possible.

Simplicity begins with us and the choices we make. Finding the right balance of simplicity within our lives will be determined by those choices. Here are some areas that may be currently weighing us down due to choices we made in the past and ways to restore the balance of simplicity within our lives. Hopefully, they will help us make new choices.

Materially, make the choice to un-clutter. Start small and take one step at a time—like choosing a kitchen drawer or small closet and determining which items are needed and which ones are never used. By doing a task like this everyday, or at least once a week, we are simplifying our lives, keeping only what is necessary.

Letting go of harmful emotions. Holding on to ‘emotional baggage’ weighs us down and makes it harder for us to believe that anything good or positive is worth holding onto, leaving very little room for the truth. Maybe there’s an emotion related to a personal relationship that is weighing us down, causing us to feel out of balance. Write a letter about that relationship. Releasing those emotions through the writing process, whether mailed or not, begins the healing process and helps to transform that situation. Visualization techniques of throwing out this emotion that no longer serves us can help us, too. Seeing those emotions going out the window or into the garbage can helps to let it go and makes room for the good stuff.

Live from a place of abundance and gratitude, not lack.  If we believe we already have everything we need, then what do we lack? The more we are grateful, the more we have to be grateful for. Try repeating this affirmation on a daily basis:  “I maintain an attitude of gratitude.”

Making changes to balance simplicity within our lives may not seem easy. However, by doing so, we can make tremendous strides toward un-complicating our lives. We choose to make things complex or difficult when we don’t take a moment to step back and ask ourselves, in the wise words of Albert Einstein, “Am I making things as simple as possible?” Once we make a commitment to maintain a daily practice of balancing simplicity within our lives, there are no boundaries to what we can achieve.



A story of Unconditional Love

Recently, my husband had a business meeting at our home and the woman he was meeting with needed to bring her 5 year old daughter along with her. When she arrived with her daughter, I invited the young girl to sit in our living room with a lap tray, a bowl of Goldfish crackers and the television. I asked her what she would like to watch and then switched the channel so she could watch her show.  She proceeded to tell me a story that sent chills down my spine.

“My friend said that I was the only one who likes this show and told me not to like it anymore.  I told her that hurt my feelings.  I like shows you like because you’re my friend.  Can’t you like the shows I like because I’m your friend?” Wow! I sat there with my mouth wide open in astonishment. Her words were spoken with truth and understanding about how we should treat and accept each other.  I was in awe of her wisdom.  Most grown adults don’t live their life from that place of unconditional love or acceptance of others as she apparently does, at the tender age of 5.

The question this pint size wonder posed to her friend should cause us to reflect on those times in our lives where we may not have accepted someone, whether a friend, a colleague or a family member from that place of unconditional love. How often have we found ourselves setting limitations or attaching a provision to a relationship and to the people around us? To live and operate from unconditional love, we need to remove restrictions or conditions in our relationships with others, just as my very wise 5 year old friend does so well. To say we are unconditional love, we need to accept everything about everyone, even if it is something we don’t like.  I wonder how different we would see things if we were to look at our lives through the eyes of that 5 year child we once were.

Simply, Jayne


January is Just For You

Now that December and the holiday season is behind us, let January be the month you focus attention on the person who truly matters most…YOU!  The holiday season was a season of giving.  We searched and searched to try to find the perfect gifts for those special people in our lives and we spent a lot of time and money to find just the right thing.  So, now that we have done all that for someone else, let’s give a gift to ourselves now that the New Year is here.  Aren’t we worth that same amount of effort and determination as we exerted on others?  Doesn’t it make you feel good when that person finally opens your gift and they tell you they love it?  Allow yourself to feel that same way, too, by taking care of YOU!  With the New Year comes resolutions; firm decisions to do something.  What is it that you want to do?   Resolutions take determination and we use a mind-set that tells us that anything is possible.  You can make this year the year you decide to discover and pamper a New You.

I wrote a little poem.  It is to inspire all us to make a resolution to put ourselves on the list, to dream and pursue the deepest of desires. I am calling it New Year, New You.

Never say never.  Say, “Someday,” instead.  Never limits our thinking and tells us we couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t.

Enjoy the simple things in life.  When we are enjoying our life, we have found true happiness.

Wonder; never stop dreaming.  The wonder of something, dreaming if it is possible, helps us create it.

You have everything you need and the power to change.  I have learned a great lesson: Our will is stronger than any emotion that limits us and tries to hold us back.

Open your heart.  An open heart allows for love to flow freely, in and out.

Understand and believe that you are capable of anything.  If we think we can, then we can.

Here’s to the New You…..You are simply the best!