About Jayne

Hello!  My name is Jayne DeRouin and I am an inspirational author and speaker.  In the early spring of 2009, I heard my soul’s voice telling me, “Write a book.”  My initial reaction was, “Really, me write a book.  What would I write about?” My soul wasn’t clear with me on the exact topic or message of this book, leaving me to wonder the purpose of this call to action.  But despite any uncertainty, I answered the call and began the writing process.  I started by reading some old notebooks I had written in over the years that were more like diary entries, trusting my instincts that this would lead me to the true purpose of my writing.  My mother always told me, “Trust your gut.  It will never steer you wrong.”  I had always heeded this advice, so I trusted my instincts yet again and never looked back.

I am a positive person who chooses to see everything in life from the perspective of the glass being half full.  An optimist, I guess you could say.  So, as I continued to write, I shared my personal stories of the simple ways I stay that way, despite the challenges life can bring, which started for me in childhood and continued into my adult life.  What unfolded are the keys that I share in my book, Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life.  When I finished writing Keeping It Simple!, I received a beautiful gift.  The gift was validation that the keys I have been trusting and using since childhood really do work. Trusting them provides me with amazing benefits,  such as an ability to maintain an abundance of love, peace and joy in my heart, no matter what challenges life brings.

I now know the message my soul was giving me, “Share the gift of Keeping It Simple! with others.”

I invite you to visit my website at www.jaynederouin.com, as well as my publishing company Heartand SoulPublishing.com.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you.





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