Acceptance, without exceptions

The past 30 days have been emotionally challenging for me.  My family faced an unexpected and very serious health situation concerning my Dad.  He has battled other health issues for a very long time, but this situation  was unexpected and very scary.  It came as curve ball, thrown at us  seemingly out of nowhere.   I know a thing or two about curve balls (my son is a baseball player and pitches) and the best way to hit one is when you are prepared for it, by reading it from the pitcher’s hand to the point just before it crosses over the plate.    But in life, you are not always as prepared.  You’re not always given the opportunity to prepare or size up the situation …you just respond or react without thinking.

This curve ball thrown my family’s way couldn’t  be hit out of the park…even though I wish I could have, to get rid of it all together.  Instead, we had to face this curve ball life thrown our way and for me, I knew I had to come to terms with this situation and had to accept it without exception, for the sake of my Dad, for that is what he was doing so courageously.  There could be no exceptions on my end either.  He now has to follow this new path he is on knowing he can’t change it.  He couldn’t say that he accepted receiving the diagnosis of having to go for dialysis treatment, only if he could still eat a diet consisting of whatever he wanted.   There was no exception.  So, I, too had to accept this situation,  without exception.

I had to take the anger I  had towards my father, the doctors, the disease  and anything or anyone else I was blaming and let it go.  My anger wasn’t healthy for me, my family and most importantly, it wasn’t good for him.  The steps toward acceptance were allowing me to get rid of the blame and anger I was feeling because once I accepted this situation, knowing I couldn’t change it, I could then better help my dad because without anger I could care more, love more and support more.

Accepting something doesn’t mean you have to like it.  It just means you embrace the circumstance and agree to experience this situation and see it through, however good or bad, for the sake of the higher good and better outcome.  By accepting this situation, I was able to return back to the place of unconditional love I have for my dad.   I went back to my heart, where I love, without exception.

Acceptance doesn’t always come easy because with acceptance comes having to embrace a situation for what it is,  knowing that there is nothing we do can change it.  But when we do accept, without exception, we bring peace to ourselves and to the situation.


2 responses to “Acceptance, without exceptions

  1. Hello Jayne…my thoughts and prayers are with YOU and your family. Holding you close to my heart. Life does send us some curve balls at times, just know that you are not alone. Sending you a big hug.

  2. Thank you for this Jayne. You’ve taken a most healthy way of seeing here.

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