God is in the Goldfish Crackers

Some people call it fate.  Others say it is just a coincidence.  To me, nothing happens by chance.  Everything happens for a reason and occurs as of a result of divine timing.  I call them GOD-cidences; a series of events that lead to a moment.  Sometimes these moments are grand, life changing and pivotal moments in our lives.  Other times, they are small but still speak volumes to how you receive what you need when you need it .

For weeks my son wanted ranch flavored Goldfish crackers.  We found them once(I forget where) and could not find them again.  I checked every grocery store, convenience store and ‘big” box store trying to find them with no luck.  I finally told him that I would have to check the Pepperidge Farm store when I had a chance.  Every time I said I was going to take a ride, I never made it. Something else would get in my way to get there. Until this week.  I had several  errands and business to conduct in the area of the Pepperidge Farm store so I made it a point to stop in.  When I walked in, there they were; an aisle filled with ranch flavored Goldfish crackers.  AND they were on sale, too!!  When I said to the girl working behind the counter that I had been looking for them all over the place, she proceeded to tell me that they had been out for weeks and had just gotten them in.  Of course they just got them in.  Why would they have arrived any sooner? They wouldn’t have been there if I had gone any sooner and my trip would have been for nothing.

So the next time you are disappointed, frustrated or upset that something didn’t go according to your plan, remember, everything is happening in perfect and divine order.  It is just an event leading you to the right moment.


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