Angels in Action

We all have something that causes us to feel vulnerable and insecure no matter how hard we try to be confident and sure of ourselves.  For me, that something is clothes shopping.  This activity triggers in me the old stories and memories I have of myself, and the ones that were told to me at one time or another.   When I stand in front of the mirror in the dressing room and see how I look today, I can’t help and see the women starring back at me in the mirror a totally different way.  The one I see looks like the one of 8 yrs ago when I was 40 lbs heavier.  And the thoughts and emotions related to that image are  entirely different.   So, as I enter stores and attempt to pick out clothes, I hear the self-defeating thoughts of  “that won’t work, or I could never wear anything like that.”   This is truly that one area where I have to WORK the hardest at applying all the principles I write about to fight against the  useless nonsense that tries to tell me that nothing out there in the fashion world will work for me.

So yesterday, when I decided to set off to Macy’s at the Providence Place Mall to look for a few outfits I needed for an upcoming photo shoot and book events I have planned, I left with a plan.  I was going to ask for help and  set an intention; things I write about and know how to do, but had never applied to this activity in my life.  A revelation.  I set an intention of success and confidence and knew that I needed to ask someone in the store to help me shop.   I asked my angels to guide me to the person that would best be able to help me  find the clothes I was looking for.  And as soon as I walked through the door, I met angel #1; Heidi.   She greeted me and welcomed me to Macy’s with a huge smile.  (She became my ROCK.)  She then introduced me to Nelly, angel #2,  and the two of them swooped in to action, picked things out for me and stayed with me for 2 hours.  We connected immediately and their vote of confidence in me helped to boost confidence within myself.  Nelly was my ‘angel’ behind the scenes, scouring the entire department to find me ‘just the right thing.’  She sought the help of Shaynna, who became angel #3.  Shaynna, who seemed to come out of nowhere,  got caught up in the emotion and wanted to be part of the action.  These 3 amazing women  fashioned me up with sincerity, enthusiasm, honesty and genuine care and interest.

This blog is to not only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna but to tell anyone who reads this to remember that they are more powerful and have a stronger will than any emotion that is trying to hold them back.  Because of their unconditional willingness to want to help me, I will never face shopping with those old emotions again.  Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna helped me re-gain confidence in myself and feel good about myself in a way I never knew before.  I can’t say I can recall when I felt this good about my body image and style.  They made shopping fun and this shopping experience was the best I have ever had.  I want to shop with this same feeling from this point forward.  (It will just be hard not being able to do it with my new ‘fashion entourage’ all the time.)

But now I know I can because of them.  They helped me define my style and rewrite the story I had written for myself.   Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna will remain close to my heart for they are special to me and gave me such a gift, not only of of their time and talent, but of their heart, too.  We all need to remember to be more like Heidi, Nelly and Shaynna and help others and offer of ourselves to others the gifts and talents we share.  I thank them for sharing their gifts with me and I intend to pay it forward.


One response to “Angels in Action

  1. I love the power of this story.
    We all need to STOP and THINK and ACT to love and serve others.
    We never know the impact we have on one another….a simple smile or gesture of kindness can really touch another.
    I enjoyed reading this story so much and encourage you to “pay it forward” as I know you will.

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