Take Good Care of Yourself

Taking care of our bodies….all four of them!

Most of us tend to think all we need to do to maintain good health is eat and drink healthy foods and get plenty of exercise. This type of one-dimensional thinking is common since what we see in the mirror each day is our physical body and the physical toll the choices we are making, or not making, are taking on us physically.  However, our body is multi-dimensional and consists of more than just our physical body.  Our ‘whole’ body is made up of not only our physical body but our spiritual body, our emotional body and our mental body, as well, and the health and well-being of all these bodies requires more than a single choice as to what we eat or drink. Our thought patterns, our spoken and unspoken words, our feelings and actions equally impact and have an effect on the health of all four of these bodies.

Like a car, we don’t often stop to think of how we run and function day-to-day.  Most of us jump in our car, never giving a second thought as to how or what it needs to keep running. We take our body for granted in that same way.  We are not always consciously aware of just what we do on daily basis that can keep us from feeling in balance and in overall good health.  How efficiently and how effectively our body performs depends on the ‘fuel’ we choose to put into it, similar to our cars. In my book Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life, I speak to this in a chapter titled Our Bodies.  In this chapter I discuss the concept of embracing the thought of our body beyond just the physical. By looking at ourselves as a whole and acknowledging that these other three bodies exist within our physical body, we move closer to having a better understanding of how we are built and what it takes to keep us in balance within our physical body.

The Physical Body

Our physical body is just that.  It is our house. Internally, it is home to the spiritual, emotional and mental bodies as well as the outer shell of our physical attributes that others see on the outside. Taking care of our exterior physical body by eating healthy, exercising and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the ways we can make our physical body stronger and help to maintain the condition of our physical body. Taking care of the other three bodies also contributes to the wellness of the physical body, too.

The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body dwells within the physical body in our soul. Our spiritual body, or spirit, seeks our authenticity by being true to ourselves. We also need to be socially conscious and become aware that we are all connected. When we recognize and remember that we are all one, connected to each other by the same love and light that created us, our spiritual body feels satisfied. Honoring the source from which we came brings healing and good health to the spiritual body.

The Emotional Body

Our true feelings are held within our emotional body. We may not always acknowledge or express our true feelings in all situations and as result this impacts the overall health of our emotional body. The emotional body needs the truth, from us and from others. Honesty and integrity within our personal relationships is key to maintaining its’ well-being. Through the choices we make in our words and in our actions to speak our truth we are directly impacting our emotional body.

Mental Body

This is where we store all our thoughts, both conscious and sub-conscious. Dr. Wayne Dyer says it best, “If we allow our minds to marinate in the pollution of negative thoughts and ideas, then those negative thoughts and ideas become our reality.” We need to become more consciously aware of everything we see, hear and think within our own reality. Our thoughts come from our experiences, past and present, as well as external sources, such as what we hear on the radio and see and hear on our television. We must learn to filter out those negative thoughts and maintain a steady stream of positive thoughts so we can keep our mental body working at its peak performance.

We are in charge of what we fuel we choose for ourselves when it comes to the care of our complete body.  It takes a combination of maintenance, prevention and repair of our thoughts, words and actions as well as what we are doing physically. Everyday we must make a conscious decision to change something about how we are taking care of our whole body, even if it is one aspect.  With proper treatment and nurturing of our four bodies, we can achieve the balance our body needs and move close to improving our overall health.

To learn more you can read my book,  KeepingIt Simple! and implement the other keys that help you to un-complicate your life.  It is available on my website, www.jaynederouin.com or at www.Amazon.com.


5 responses to “Take Good Care of Yourself

  1. Anna Maria Angelosanto

    Jayne, thanks for the reminder……I never thought of myself as having four bodies to take care of………and I can truly say that I have failed all 4 of them……but this is the year I plan on paying more attention to each and every one of them so that I can be a better me and a better mommy to Aly! Thank you for bringing this important subject to our attention!!!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Great points Jayne – some people take better care of their cars and possessions than their bodies.

  3. Jayne, Thanks for your care and wisdom. You are the incarnation of Mother Mary.

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