New Year, New You

Making changes isn’t always easy.  Along with practicing patience, it is tough to break out of our comfort zone and a mind-set that tells us that maintaining status quo is better.  But when you do, you realize you had nothing to fear and ultimately you free yourself of the blanket of doubt that was holding you back.  You then gain even more confidence and trying new things doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore.  And sometimes you come to realize as well, that some of the things you are doing are things that you once dreamed of doing or had once done but stopped doing.  As I share in Keeping It Simple, change is a process that starts with ourselves.  It starts with a choice.  That choice can lead to a series of new decisions and before you know it, you are recreating and reinventing yourself and your life.

Why not make the choice to make 2011 a year to discover the New You?  The person you discover may not only surprise you, but inspire you.

Simply, Jayne


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