5 Ways to Enjoy the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

As promised, from time to time I said I would share tips on how you can Keep It Simple!  Here are 5  tips that I prepared that I feel can help us all  fully enjoy our Christmas Holiday.  They are tips that, I think, transcend the holiday’s and could be used throughout the year.

Don’t over-commit:  We all have been extended plenty of invitations to parties, school plays and concerts and other holiday gatherings that along with them comes unnecessary stress as to where the time is going to come from to get to them all.  We have plenty to do already so instead of filling your calendar with more and adding to the long list of ‘things to do,’  try to keep it simple by choosing one or two activities that you would truly like to attend and kindly decline the rest.  Christmastime is a time to enjoy, not a time to add burden.

Stay true to you: There are plenty of ways we can feel the pressure from others on how we ‘should’ celebrate and spend our holiday.  Christmas is filled with tradition, baking cookies, making decorations, sending cards, cooking and shopping.  However, to keep it simple, choose only those activities that feel right for YOU.  Maybe bake 2 special kinds of cookies instead of 10.  How about setting an age limit for gifts to cut down your shopping time and budget?  Any celebration should be just that, a time to celebrate, not a time to feel guilt or obligation to do things just because someone tells you “this is the way it has always been done.”

Less is More: With the holidays comes the feeling that we need to do more and more.  More lights on the tree, wreaths and candles in every window, Christmas trees in every room.  More is not always better. Hang one beautiful large wreath on your front door, allowing for it to be noticed. Simplify by sorting through your decorations and displaying those that are sentimental and speak to you and keep those to be used every year. Consider donating some of your other decorations.  A family with less can benefit from your abundance.

Stay Home: The circulars in the Sunday paper, the catalogs coming in the mail and all the commercials on TV make us think that we are missing something and we need to go and get it.  Choose to stay home and believe that you have everything you need.  One more thing will not make Aunt Mary’s gift better than it already is.  If chosen from love and given in love, then it will be received in that same way.

Giving: At this time of year, more people need our help than any other time throughout the year.  We might feel that we need help too, however there are always those less fortunate.  A simple act of kindness, even if it is only a dollar placed in a Salvation Army basket outside the grocery store, if given from your heart sincerely, will come back to you ten fold.   Maybe even consider a donation made in your family’s name to an organization that speaks to your heart.  That gift is one that keeps on giving.

Merry Christmas!  Simply…



One response to “5 Ways to Enjoy the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

  1. Good thoughts and advice, Jayne. There is such a high level of expectations at the holidays. We have in mind that it’s supposed to look some idyllic way or another and when those expectations aren’t met it’s so easy to feel depressed.

    I can so related to the over-commiment part. My wife and I have decided to stay home this Christmas eve. My son may join us, but we plan on ordering Chinese food and just chilling without feeling the need to “be somewhere.”

    Hope you and your family have simple but merry Christmas!

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