My New Clothes

Over the past few days, I have been thinking, “Do others really see us for who we really are? Do they see us as our authentic self  or do they only see what THEY want to see?” I know over the years I have always tried to be myself and can say that in many situations, I have felt like an actor in the story of my own life.  Authenticity is hard and being “our self” in ALL situations can seem impossible.  Remember the fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes and the part when the emperor went out with no clothes?  Well, that is how I know I feel when those who perceive me in one way then see me as my authentic self.  It as if they are seeing me naked.  That is because the “costume” I had been wearing for their benefit is no longer there and they are shocked.  Not only am I  more vulnerable, but they are surprised and not quite sure how to respond.  I know I am tired of the costumes and honestly, I would much rather be myself and go out without my costume then to continue playing a role in a story that doesn’t truly reflect who I am.

I find authenticity freeing and liberating and would much rather be my real self.  Others will just have to get used to seeing me with no clothes.


3 responses to “My New Clothes

  1. Hi Jayne, I love the post about being authentic. The world is craving for authenticity. Thank you for being real, it encourages us all to take the risk and be ourselves. Blessings Pat

  2. It really is challenging, deciding to live authentically. I know it took me many years to be comfortable in my “own skin” and not feel the pressure of living by the expectations of others. I think learning to be authentic, honest, true to yourself, brings freedom and it’s one more thing for keeping it simple! Thanks for this post, Jayne.

  3. Anna Maria Angelosanto

    Jayne, you truly struck a cord in me with this blog – I really feel that I’ve had to get a whole new set of “clothes” in order to really find myself!! Thank you for being so refreshingly real and honest! Beautiful blog!!

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