A Gift for all Seasons

Today is Cyber-Monday, the last day  of the whole “kick-off” to the holiday shopping season.  As I sit here tonight,  I am wondering to myself, “Did I miss something by not participating?”  I am sure that many who did participate found some bargains or some really good deals and feel like they got some great gifts.  And let’s be honest, we all love to receive a gift, but is the gift of a new sweater really what we want?  The best gift is the one you can’t wrap or buy with a 20% off coupon.  It is the the gift of lasting memories.  Time spent with someone who you love; a friend or family member.

Over the past week, I’ve been delivering books to dear family friends, men and women who I have known since childhood who I consider aunts and uncles.  Life prevents us from seeing each other more often, but as I have brought them their copies, we’ve sat and reminisced and shared our thoughts, feelings and memories with each other.  I have discovered some new and amazing things from these afternoon chats and realize how lucky I am to be blessed with such wonderful people in my life.  This gift of special visits with my ‘aunts and uncles’ that I have been given during this holiday season is one that fits just right, is the right color and will not be thrown away or donated within a few years.  It is a gift for all seasons, a timeless feeling of happiness that I will carry in my heart forever.


2 responses to “A Gift for all Seasons

  1. Jayne –
    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Even though I didn’t participate in Cyberspace Monday, I actually shopped on-line over the holiday weekend and did get some GREAT buys. I like on-line shopping so that you don’t have to fight the crowds!!! and you can find things that you can’t find in the stores.
    I’m fortunate to have lots of time off work between mid-December until after the New Year and I so look forward to it so that I can participate in events/volunteer at the kids’ school (which I’m doing today as a matte of fact!!) and I can prepare and really take time to enjoy the season. I also get to visit with family members that I don’t see on Christmas.
    I’m glad to have been brought up in an era when things were “simple”….I try so hard to instill that in my children and even though at times I feel like it’s a losing battle, every once in a while my kids surprise me with something that I have taught them that actually stuck!!
    Enjoy your holiday season!!
    Toni Ledversis

  2. Jackie Costantino

    Hi Jayne:
    Good luck with your blog and the book! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.


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