Grace Under Fire

I heard a story today of a woman who lost one of her adopted children; her 5 year daughter Maria in a sudden and tragic accident in her own home nearly 2 years ago.  She does not deny the pain, the sorrow or the anger she had nor does she deny that the pain and sorrow she still has.  She shared in testimony that it was by her choice to maintain and trust the God she believes in and the plan he has for her, that she was able to bring peace to the anger she harbored toward God and now is able to do His work in her daughter’s memory, helping unadopted children in her daughter’s homeland of China.  This story lead me to wonder, “Is grace really a choice?”  My thoughts brought me to answer.  Grace can come if we choose it over the anger.  Peace can come if we choose it over conflict.  Love can come if we choose it over hatred.  The decision is ours to make and I believe that our will is stronger than any emotion that thinks it has control over us.  Our will is our ability to choose and therefore, we can change our mind about anything, even how we feel.  So, I ask, “What do you choose?”




One response to “Grace Under Fire

  1. I loved reading this, and many others. Well said………… I do try to live this way, each day. Striving to continue onward with enough Grace to get me to a better place in life………thank you. Donna

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