Change is Coming

I don’t know about you but I feel a change coming.  It’s not just an ordinary feeling, but a strong feeling.  All around me, things are in a state of transition.  It seems no matter where I look or who I talk to, people are talking about the changes in their lives.  It’s this feeling of “something is about to happen” but they’re not quite sure what.  I sense in them a feeling of anticipation…….like the proverbial ‘shoe’ is about to drop.

Why is it that?  Why do we have this perception that if something is about to change it’s a negative thing?  Change can be good and in many situations….it is a positive thing; it really all depends on how you look at it.  Look at sports…The Red Sox changed their roster.  In politics, we are about to elect a new president.  And, globally, we are fast approaching the end of another calendar year.  I see all these things as good things.  The Red Sox will now be able to acquire new players with better attitudes and rebuild their reputation. “We the People” will be in a position to ask ourselves some serious questions about the direction we want our country to take and make our decision through our ability to vote.  And, with all the talk of cataclysmic events that were to come in 2012…..2013 will certainly be a year whose arrival we will  welcome and celebrate.  Thirteen will no longer be an unlucky number.

So, change….it is a coming…..something good is about to happen. Let’s be ready and open to receive it!!!


Love Connections

Being a woman who’s been married for 17  years this September, I guess I have some experience in the love department.  I am not claiming to be an expert or to have a perfect marriage.  I just have one that works.  “Why is that?”

I recently pondered this question after recently spending an evening with a few friends.  What I learned from my pondering is that naturally certain things just go together… peanut butter & jelly, clam cakes & chowder and macaroni & meatballs.  You can’t necessarily explain why they do….they just do.

I believe the same is true in love……you can’t always explain why two people belong together, they just do.  It is not because they are the same.  It is because they just go together.  They compliment each other.  Having a ‘perfect marriage’ or relationship doesn’t mean copying someone else’s marriage plan or doing the same things others do.  What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all.  To have success and happiness with love, you have to feel that the other person compliments your ways and you compliment theirs.  Just like your fashion accessories don’t have to match, but should co-ordinate to your outfit, your partner should compliment your life and the relationship should feel natural and comfortable.

So, after all these years, I can honestly say that I have made a love connection.  My recommendation,  if you’re trying to make one, don’t force anything.   Sometimes two things just don’t go together.  Trust that you will instinctively feel if it is right.  And  if you’re already in a love relationship, be happy that what you have works.  Like two peas in pod; you’re not exactly the same,  just choosing to be together, side by side.

Whose life is it anyway?

Authentic…what is that? What does that mean?  It means to be genuine; to be real, to be a true representation of yourself.  I don’t know about you, but for a long period of time in my life, I wore the clothes of another person. OK, not literally, but figuratively.  For far too many years, I lived my life according to the standards and perceptions of others, hiding my authenticity and who I really was(and am) under an external costume.  Fear of not being accepted, or understood; thinking that others will judge us or leave us can prevent us from living the life we were meant to live.  I have found over these past few years(like a decade), that the more I peeled the layers off of my external costume and expose myself as my authentic self, the easier it became to live my authentic life.  The road was a little bumpy at times, but I knew it would be worth it.  In order to get the most out of life, we need to enjoy the ride by doing what feeds our soul and brings us true joy.

What feeds your soul? What do you desire and is it present in your life at this moment?  I have always believed and now have come to know with certainty that all it takes is one small change to bring about a huge shift to our lives.  That one small thing could make all the difference in your world!  Maybe you will seek a new(old) interest, sit and meditate or just schedule time for yourself to do nothing. Do something; anything that is different than the way you are doing things now.  Start the process of peeling off those layers and expose your authentic self.  Be true to you and live YOUR life!  Step into your life  and live it from the inside out!

My goal is to enrich the lives of women by guiding them to rediscover their authentic self.  Through working individually with clients as an Authenticity Coach and through my book, Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life, I offer simple and practical ways to start the journey to living your life from the inside out.  Contact me to begin your journey.



New Year, New You 2012

I originally posted a blog with a similar title at the beginning of 2011. I have edited it, only fitting, since the topic is about change. 

Making changes isn’t always easy.  Along with practicing patience, change isn’t necessarily easy.  Anything that takes us out of our comfort zone can feel strange and seem difficult.  But if you were driving and got lost, wouldn’t you change direction?  Well, the same is true in life.  If you are not happy with the direction your life is taking you and the outcome was not what you desired, then change your direction and make the changes necessary to get you to where you want to go.

So what is stopping you?  Is there a mind-set of fear telling you that you won’t succeed? Is there doubt stemming from a childhood disappointment?  Don’t let your past dictate your future.  Those experiences prepared you for where you are now and you should feel grateful for having learned from them.   Unfortunately, we believed those stories we told ourselves  and have become our truth even though they aren’t the truth.  They are just excuses we tell ourselves as to why we can’t change instead of becoming the inspiration to begin making the changes.

We are capable of anything.  We possess the power within us to change anything about our lives.  We just need to put out the right intention, keep our thoughts positive and follow through with our actions.   We need to re-write our story and remove those thought patterns that have put a barrier in the way of allowing us to live our most authentic life.  When we finally decide that we are ready and choose to make the changes we want to see in our lives, we are making tremendous strides to re-writing our story.  All it takes is for us to take one small step everyday.  When we do, we realize we had nothing to fear and ultimately, over time, we free ourselves from the bondage those old excuses and thoughts had over us.  We will notice how so much in our life has changed.

When we take the actions necessary everyday towards change, we gain tremendous confidence and making changes doesn’t seem so scary anymore.  And sometimes we come to realize as well, that some of the new things we are doing are things that we once dreamed of doing or had once done but stopped doing.  As I share in Keeping It Simple!, change is a process that takes time and begins with ourselves.  It starts with a choice; the choice to do something different.  That choice leads to new decision which leads to a series of new decisions and before we know it, we have recreated and reinvented our lives.

Why not make the choice in 2012 to start the journey to a New You?  The person you discover may not only surprise you, but inspire you.

Simply, Jayne

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In this day and age, we can easily get caught up in all the madness and craziness of the world.   As I have grown, I no longer choose to be OF the world, but instead live IN it.   What’s the difference you ask?  Well, when we are of the world we allow ourselves to be effected by all the craziness, the foolish mind-sets and cultural influences that exist.  When we choose to live in the world,  we make choices to live our life following the beat of our own heart and the beat of our own drum.

One way that we can be in the world without being of it, is to SOAR! What does soar mean and how can we soar?   Well, by definition,  soar means “to rise, fly or glide high; to ascend suddenly above the normal.”

Here are 4 simple things to try to help you remember to SOAR.

Stay true to yourself:  Don’t live someone elses version of your life. Live your own by doing what is true & right for you.

Open your Heart:  Get out of your head, listen to your heart and follow it.  Let others see your heart and share from that place of genuineness.

Attitude of gratitude:  By expressing our gratitude, we are stating our appreciation for all that we have.   With gratitude for all we have, there should be nothing else we need.

Remain positive:  The world is full of enough negativity.  Let’s change our personal carbon footprint by reducing our negative emissions by seeing things with a new light.

So,  remember to SOAR…fly high above it all.  It definitely will help change your perspective of the the world.  And isn’t that what it is all about.

To learn more ways to change your perspective of the world, and to learn more ways to SOAR, read my book, Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life.   You can follow me on Facebook, too.

Beginnings and Endings

How do we know where a circle begins or ends?  We don’t.  It just seems to go on forever.   The same is true in life….the circle of life.  The ending of one cycle, or part of our life, is nothing more than a trigger for the beginning of another.  These cycles sometimes make us wonder or have us guessing, but they are part of the natural order of things.  It’s not that one chapter of our life is over….it is that a new part of our life is just beginning: a time to write a new chapter.

What new chapter are you beginning?  What new story of your life are you now writing?  Tell me your story.  Handling the beginnings or endings of our life’s journey…it’s all in how you look at them.

You can read my stories in Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life to see how I have learned to handle the beginnings and endings of my life and how you can use these keys for yourself.

Acceptance, without exceptions

The past 30 days have been emotionally challenging for me.  My family faced an unexpected and very serious health situation concerning my Dad.  He has battled other health issues for a very long time, but this situation  was unexpected and very scary.  It came as curve ball, thrown at us  seemingly out of nowhere.   I know a thing or two about curve balls (my son is a baseball player and pitches) and the best way to hit one is when you are prepared for it, by reading it from the pitcher’s hand to the point just before it crosses over the plate.    But in life, you are not always as prepared.  You’re not always given the opportunity to prepare or size up the situation …you just respond or react without thinking.

This curve ball thrown my family’s way couldn’t  be hit out of the park…even though I wish I could have, to get rid of it all together.  Instead, we had to face this curve ball life thrown our way and for me, I knew I had to come to terms with this situation and had to accept it without exception, for the sake of my Dad, for that is what he was doing so courageously.  There could be no exceptions on my end either.  He now has to follow this new path he is on knowing he can’t change it.  He couldn’t say that he accepted receiving the diagnosis of having to go for dialysis treatment, only if he could still eat a diet consisting of whatever he wanted.   There was no exception.  So, I, too had to accept this situation,  without exception.

I had to take the anger I  had towards my father, the doctors, the disease  and anything or anyone else I was blaming and let it go.  My anger wasn’t healthy for me, my family and most importantly, it wasn’t good for him.  The steps toward acceptance were allowing me to get rid of the blame and anger I was feeling because once I accepted this situation, knowing I couldn’t change it, I could then better help my dad because without anger I could care more, love more and support more.

Accepting something doesn’t mean you have to like it.  It just means you embrace the circumstance and agree to experience this situation and see it through, however good or bad, for the sake of the higher good and better outcome.  By accepting this situation, I was able to return back to the place of unconditional love I have for my dad.   I went back to my heart, where I love, without exception.

Acceptance doesn’t always come easy because with acceptance comes having to embrace a situation for what it is,  knowing that there is nothing we do can change it.  But when we do accept, without exception, we bring peace to ourselves and to the situation.